LARK:  a small bird with sustained, melodious songs, most often delivered in flight 

LARK:  a carefree or spirited adventure, to do something for pure pleasure

LARK:  July's birth flower blooms white, pink and purple. In the Victorian language of flowers, Larkspur symbolizes a desire for laughter and a pure heart. Larkspur represents levity, a sweet disposition, and ardent attachment.

I love all the meanings of the word LARK and want to convey those feelings of harmony, enjoyment, and devotion through my designs.  

Hi! I'm Kari Schriever, owner and lead designer at Lark Floral. I adore flowers and the way they instantly bring life to a space and how just the sight of them can connect us back to the natural world and lift our spirits.

For weddings and events, flowers set the tone and conveying just how you want your wedding to feel. We carefully chose and arrange each bloom to perfectly complement the color palette, setting, and style of your wedding. 

I received my bachelor's degree in ornamental horticulture and have over 20 years of experience working in the industry - in botanic gardens, landscape design, plant nurseries, and flower shops. My floral design work is a natural extension of my desire to be creative with plant material and help you bring organic elements to your environment or special event. My knowledge of both the art and science of flowers shows as I translate your vision into beautiful florals for your wedding or event. I seek out the freshest, most beautiful seasonal blooms to make each Lark design natural, distinctive, and memorable.