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Lark Floral Values People and Community

Lark Floral is committed to giving back to our community. Since it's inception in 2014, we have been a proud contributor to the Loudoun Empty Bowls event held at Stone Tower Winery. Loudoun Empty Bowls brings together ceramic artists, students, and community members to produce handmade bowls and donate them to an annual fundraising event. The bowls represent the empty bowls of the food insecure in our community. In exchange for a monetary donation, the donor will receive a handmade ceramic bowl and a dinner of soup and bread. The event raises awareness of hunger issues in the community, promotes local artists, and brings together people who care about eliminating hunger and injustice in our community. The 2017 event raised $34,000 and benefited Loudoun Hunger Relief and the Loudoun Abused Women's Shelter.


In anticipation of the event each year, we plant hundreds of flowers in the spring and tend them throughout the season for the sole purpose of donating them to the Empty Bowls event in the fall. With over 500 attendees, there are dozens of tables to fill with beautiful locally grown flowers! We also donate our time and labor to bring the floral designs for the event to life. To learn more about this great cause visit www.loudounemptybowls.org

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