A Floral Design Studio Specializing in Loudoun County, Virginia Weddings and Events


I believe in the power of flowers. I have felt my mood instantly lift when presented with a bouquet of colorful home grown zinnias. I have felt awe when seeing a rare, exquisite orchid. I get giddy when walking through a field of tulips.  Somehow, I am magically transported back to my childhood whenever I smell the delicate fragrance of a sweet pea flower.

When you think back on your wedding day, I want you to remember your flowers. 

Welcome to Lark Floral. Come on in, and have a look around!



I follow tried and true design principals when creating your arrangements. Line, form, balance, and color are all carefully considered when I design your flowers. Your flowers should look timeless in your wedding photos. Classic elegance never goes out of style.



Like my favorite quote by Emerson says, "the world laughs in flowers," and I want to bring a smile to your face when you see your wedding flowers. I live for the brides who gasp in delight upon receiving their bouquet! Flowers will bring joyful beauty, in a way only they can, to the happiest day of your life.



I think Mother Nature is brilliant and I try to mimic her aesthetic in my designs. I love Nature's subtle variations in form and her harmonious color palettes. Flowers are at their most beautiful when they are in season. I embrace each season and use only the very finest flowers they have to offer.